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Vehicle Ramps

Vehicle ramps are designed to assist in loading and unloading scooters and wheelchairs into a car, van or other mode of transportation to ensure you avoid the awkward process of lifting or dismantling heavy wheelchairs or scooters.

Our trailer and car ramps are all designed to be lightweight and feature excellent load capacity, making them easy to transport so you can provide disabled access for people on the move. Several of our models also split or fold in half to make the most of your vehicle’s storage space.

With highly effective non-slip surfaces, all of our car and trailer ramps come in a broad range of lengths and widths, and are suitable for three or four wheeled scooters, so you can ensure safe mobility for machine and user whenever you need to get on the move.

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Want to know more about our range of vehicle ramps? Get in touch with Bentley Fielden and we will provide you with information on all our mobility products and address any particular requirements you may have. You can call us on 0800 612 1140