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We were tasked with specifying a ramp that would allow access for both a powered wheelchair user and an elderly gentleman on foot. 

We also had to allow access to both sides of the property and therefore decided that the best solution was to install a large platform in front of the doorway, offering generous space to manoeuvre into position, with a ramp, with double handrails, running off of either side of the platform. This configuration meant that the wheelchair user could access the property from one direction, whilst also have the option to continue down the second ramp, into the garden at the rear of the property.

Wheelchair Access to Residential Property

We were asked to specify two ramps for wheelchair access to a property, one at the front of the property and one at the rear. The ramps needed to be in keeping with the property, have double handrails and offer safe use by an individual who used both a walker and a wheelchair.The client decided [...]

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Tapered ramp for sloping pavement at Three Store

We were sent a number of pictures from the Health & Safety Advisor for the telecoms company Three (www.three.co.uk). They were looking to make one of their stores wheelchair accessible but the entrance to the shop was located on a slope, meaning that a standard ramp would be unstable. With a standard ramp, the top of [...]

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Polling station accessibility checklist - Electoral Commission

Setting up a polling stationThe initial setting-up of a polling station is key to ensuring a satisfactory outcome for the voter. The ease and accessibility of the voting process is absolutely crucial. It is, therefore, important that your polling staff or those who are responsible for setting up polling stations are made aware of the following considerations and are [...]

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Jetmarine Ramp Installation

Client required a semi-permanent ramp installation for a property they're renting.The ramp needed to be in keeping with the aesthetics of the property and needed to be secure, without needing to be fixed in any way, due to the rental agreement.The Jetmarine Standard Access Ramp with Double Handrails, partnered with the Jetmarine Corner Platform, offered the perfect [...]

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Roll-A-Ramp System with Handrail

The client required a ramp to negotiate a number of steps, due to the heights involved and requiring a handrail, the best option was the Roll-a-Ramp System.Available in a choice of three widths, the Roll-A-Ramp System can be built up to any length required and can be fitted with either a single or double handrail.

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Portable Ramp for Leominster Priory

We were asked to supply a portable ramp with handrails that could be deployed and removed quickly. We suggested using two Jetmarine Standard Access Ramps with Double Handrails, connected using a Joining Plinth to make a 16ft ramp. The ramps both have separate looped handrails to make deployment and removal as quick as possible but it's also [...]

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Mobilift - Long Term Hire

A client approached us needing to obtain access to their house, whilst they were undertaking extensive renovations to the property to allow for disabled access.Having looked at the photos of the location and considering the limited space available, we decided that the best solution was going to be a Mobilift CX.The Mobilift was the best [...]

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Welcome® Ramp

We were contacted by a potential customer looking for us to install a semi-permanent ramp for a property they were due to move in to, below is a photo of the installed solution.The Welcome® Ramp System is available in numerous lengths, with or without platform and with the option of no handrails, single handrail or [...]

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Improved Wheelchair Access across Hebden Bridge.

We were delighted when Frances, from Hebden Bridge Disability Access Forum (HBDAF), approached us to assist with specifying and supplying a number of wheelchair ramps for vairous locations within the beautiful town of Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. To find out more please click on the link below.Hebden Bridge Wheelchair Access - Halifax CourierHebden Bridge Wheelchair Access [...]

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