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Martcart XTi


Since 1995, Bentley Fielden have been exclusive UK Distributors of the Mart Cart - Mobility shopping scooter, the number one best selling electric shopping cart in the World.

The latest model is the Mart Cart Xti (above), and is like no other mobility scooter in the World. Amongst it's innovations are:

  • Patented hub drive motor. The front wheel actually is the motor - literally a motor within the wheel.
  • This means much tighter turns in congested aisles - no awkward backing up. It actually turns within the diameter of the rear axle, meaning 180 degree turns in narrow spaces.
  • Power is drawn off at a minimum, extending conventional battery life by 50%. Less energy used means the battery lasts longer and cost less in replacements.
  • 12 volt motor means that a single smaller battery not only gives enough power, but will double the life of batteries on conventional carts and scooters which have to use 2 batteries - Big savings for retailers!

Comfort and safety are built in, with seat with padded armpads, and rear lumbar support. Multiple safety stop systems are integral to the XTi cart as standard.

The Mart Cart is always supplied in a Store's colours and logo, and shows a genuine commitment by the store to elderly and disabled shoppers, who can enjoy independent shopping at their favourite supermarket.

Maximum capacity

Mart Cart® mobility scooter has always offered the strongest line of electric shopping carts on the market, featuring a steel frame and a steel seat mounted directly to the frame. The Martcart® MODEL '63™ is no exception, offering a rider capacity of 550 lb (250 kg) with an additional 200 lb (90 kg) basket capacity, for a total of 750 lb (340 kg).

In front wheel drive - an advanced concept

This mobility scooter is like no other cart on the market. It features a patented hub motor. The front wheel actually is actually the motor. This is a unique design in front wheel drive technology.

Maneuvering store aisles has never been easier. Handling is easy and effortless because the MARTCART® MODEL '63™ actually turns within the diameter of the rear axle. The cart will turn within the length of the cart and needs less than 5 ft (1.5 m) to complete a 180 degree turn.

Energy consumption is at an extreme low, which saves battery life and battery replacement costs. The design is simple and efficient. Parts are reduced to a minimum. Service is simple and easy. Maintenance costs will be the lowest of any cart on the market, which will provide the lowest cost of ownership of any cart available.

Maximum performance & extended battery life

Improper charging is the #1 killer of Electric Shopping Cart batteries - and - simply not knowing what the cart needs is the #1 cause of improper charging. The new Intelli-Charge® system from Martcart® puts an end to the confusion.

Using both an audible and visual notification feature, the Intelli-Charge® system tells you and your shoppers more than ever about your carts charging needs. The system tells you when your cart needs charging, when it is in the process of charging and when the charging cycle is complete and the cart is ready to drive. The new Intelli-Charge® system will add years to your battery's life.

Conserving energy

Compared to other electric shopping carts on the market, the Martcart® model '63™ consumes far less energy at only 36 watt-hours. This compares to 76.8, 98.4 and 156 watt-hours of energy consumption by the other popular electric carts. Simply put, the Model '63™ uses less energy while running than a 40W light bulb.

This is because power usage is minimized to only 3 Amps. The draw on the battery is so low in fact, the Model '63™ will provide up to 22 hours of shopping between charges. In addition, the 7 Amp, on-board charger recharges the battery in less than 5.5 hours.


Red, yellow, grey, blue,...black or green


  • Seat safety switch
  • Regenerative/dynamic braking
  • Anti-tip swivel castors
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Horn and reverse warning beeper
  • Charger inhibit for drive-off protection
  • Battery, reverse polarity protection
  • Low charge indicator
  • Intelli-Charge® system

Customer Interface

  • Heavy duty PVC free seat
  • Optional fully padded seat with lumbar support & armrests
  • Exclusive wag-flag controls, ergonomic & multi-use capable
  • Keyed(optional) or keyless operation

Additional Features

  • 1 in (2.5 cm) Tube Steel Frame, 16 Ga.
  • Fixture Height Rear Bumper
  • Full Length Basket Bumpers
  • 11 hours continuous run time
  • 22 hours shopping run time

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