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Ultralight Telescopic Channel Ramps


Product Description

The Ultralight Telescopic Channel Wheelchair Ramps are constructed from heat treated aluminium, keeping weight down to a minimum and offering an impressive weight capacity of up to 400kg (63st).

Offering the greatest adjustability of any of the ramp in the Ultralight range, these ramps can extend up to 3 meters in length, yet are extremely compact for easy storage in a vehicle or home.

Available in a choice of either 2 or 3 sections versions to suit your storage requirements.

Features Include:

  • High friction ramp surface combined with drainage holes to allow use in all weathers
  • Ergonomic carry handle for comfort
  • Anti-slip strip to facilitate secure positioning
  • Telescopic, to allow ramp to be extended and retracted for easy transport and stowage
  • Lock allows secure the ramps to be moved safely and securely
  • Weight capacity of 400kg (63st)
  • Generous channel width of 19cm (7.5") for the 2 section version & 18cm (7") for the 3 section version.
  • Kerb height of 5cm (2")


Product Code

Max Length

Min Length

Internal Channel Width

Capacity (Pair)

Weight (Each half)

Stored Dimensions LxWxD


(2 Sections Per Channel)

3ft 11ins (1200mm)

2ft 5ins (750mm)

7.5ins (190mm)

63st (400kg)

8lbs (3.6kg)

29ins x 10ins x 2ins (750mm x 245mm x 60mm)


(2 Sections Per Channel)

6ft 8ins (2020mm)

3ft 10ins (1170mm)

7.5ins (190mm)

47st (300kg)

13lbs (5.8kg)

46ins x 10ins x 2ins (1170mm x 245mm x 60mm)


(3 Sections Per Channel)

6ft 6ins (1990mm)

2ft 10ins (870mm)

7ins (180mm)

47st (300kg)

14lbs (6.1kg)

31ins x 10ins x 3ins (870mm x 245mm x 70mm)


(3 Sections Per Channel)

9ft 5ins (2880mm)

3ft 10ins (1170mm)

7ins (180mm)

39st (250kg)

18lbs (8.2kg)

46ins x 10ins x 3ins (1770mm x 240mm x 70mm)

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