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We were sent a number of pictures from the Health & Safety Advisor for the telecoms company Three (www.three.co.uk). 

They were looking to make one of their stores wheelchair accessible but the entrance to the shop was located on a slope, meaning that a standard ramp would be unstable. With a standard ramp, the top of the ramp would sit horizontally on the top step but the bottom of the ramp, where it meets the sloping pavement, would cause the ramp to be unstable because bottom right-hand side of the ramp wouldn't be in contact with the pavement 

There are potentially two ways to resolve this issue, you can either use a platform to turn 90 degrees and then run a ramp up the slope, as with the Birchcliffe Centre or you can use a bespoke tapered ramp that works with the sloping pavement. This is the more practical option when the ramp needs to be moved in and out of location on a regular basis and was the right option for this situation.