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  • Aerolight Classic
  • Aerolight Classic - In Situ
  • Aerolight Classic - Deployment
  • Asymmetric Lip & Non-Slip Surface
  • Rubber Tread on underside
  • Lightweight Honeycomb Aluminium Construction

Aerolight Classic


Product Description

Manufactured in the UK from ultra-lightweight honeycomb aluminium, the Aerolight Classic is a simple to use, non-folding wheelchair ramp available in a choice of lengths between 2ft and 5ft.

Boasting a two-year warranty, and designed and built in the UK, the Aerolight Classic is the culmination of years of development and refinement. It features details like honeycomb aluminium to reduce weight, whilst not compromising on the weight capacity.


Features Include:

  • Simple to use on steps, kerbs or thresholds
  • Honeycomb aluminium to reduce weight, whilst maintaining weight capacity of up to 400KG (63st)
  • Asymmetric lip at top and bottom of the ramp, to allow smoother transition on and off the ramp
  • Excellent non-slip surface
  • Rubber tread on the underside of top and bottom lip to avoid any movement of ramp
  • Simple to use and deploy
  • Manufactured in the UK with a 2 year warranty


Product Code



Width of lip


Weight Capacity


2ft (610mm)

30" (760mm)

28” (714mm)

9lbs (4.2kg)

63st (400kg)


3ft (920mm)

30" (760mm)

28” (714mm)

12lbs (5.4kg)

55st (350kg)


4ft (1220mm)

30" (760mm)

28” (714mm)

15lbs (6.8kg)

55st (350kg)


5ft (1530mm)

30" (760mm)

28” (714mm)

18lbs (8.2kg)

55st (350kg)



2ft (610mm) Aerolight Classic: Length / Width / Weight / Weight Capacity:
24" (610mm) / 30" (760mm) / 9lbs (4kg) / 55st (350kg)
3ft (920mm) Aerolight Classic: Length / Width / Weight / Weight Capacity:
36" (920mm) / 30" (760mm) / 13lbs (6kg) / 55st (350kg)
4ft (1220mm) Aerolight Classic: Length / Width / Weight / Weight Capacity:
48" (1220mm) / 30" (760mm) / 18lbs (8kg) / 55st (350kg)
5ft (1530mm) Aerolight Classic: Length / Width / Weight / Weight Capacity:
60" (1530mm) / 30" (760mm) / 22lbs (10kg) / 55st (350kg)

Product Reviews

  1. Excellent Grip even when wet - a versatile and safe ramp

    Posted by Jeremy Prior on 21st Aug 2016

    This ramp was available in various lengths which suited me well as I needed a longer one than my existing ramp. I bought this one as the 3 feet long (91.5cm) version. The longer the slope-length the shallower the angle of gradient which makes it easier for me to walk up and down using 2 walking sticks (for artificial leg). Also the surface needed to give good grip even when wet from the rain, as some roughened surfaces are slippery when damp or wet. This ramp has just as much grip when wet as it does dry - it's excellent. It doesn't get displaced by a strong gusting wind either.
    I didn't want to give less than 5 stars but I do have one slight misgiving and that is over the method of attachment to the door sill and at the ground being only a rubber strip under top and bottom. There are no "sides" to the ramp so it hasn't got a pair of edges in contact with the ground on left and right. I have checked it as perfectly secure with going up and down with a wheelchair and that's fine but not yet tried my relatively heavy Mobility scooter. My concern is when the front of the scooter has passed over the sill into the house leaving just the rear "driving" wheels still on the top of the ramp - the torque from the tyres as it drives the rear wheels over the last section of ramp could easily catapult the ramp backwards away from the sill leaving the rear of the scooter to drop down the gap in front of the door sill. Not a disaster but could prove inconvenient to rescue the situation.
    I haven't attempted to drive up it yet but usually I go in fairly promptly so the inertia of the scooter simply rides up and over without much rearward force on the ramp. If it does prove a problem, I will have a small bolt screwed into the ground behind the lower edge corners to hold it in place. It's just that it would have been improved with a little more than a rubber strip in contact with concrete ground that has very little grip for secure location. It's in daily use and so far works like a charm so I am delighted with the build-quality the suitability for use and the value.

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