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Roll-a-Ramp Central Support Stands (Pair)


Product Description

For those who need a ramp in excess of 12 feet (3.66m), we recommend the use of this support unit. The top section of the stand can be secured permanently to the ramp, allowing the ramp to be 'rolled' up for storage, then once the ramp is ready for use, simply slot the base section into position. 

These stands reduce any flex and ensure the weight capapcity of the ramp is maintained. Roll-a-Ramps have a weight capacity of 454kg, up to a length of 9.5ft, then it starts to decrease as the length increases. By using the Central Support Stands you can maintain the 454kg weight capacity by ensuring that you never have a span of greater than 9.5.ft unsupported e.g. a 15ft Roll-a-Ramp has a weight capacity of 295kg if unsupported, add a pair of central support stands at the midway point and you will increase this back up to the 454kg capacity.

Features Include:

  • Allows you to maintain the 1000lbs (454kg) weight capacity over longer lengths
  • Adds stability and reduces flex on longer length ramps
  • Supports are height adjustable to allow for varying terrain
  • Simple to fit and remove

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